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Reboot the blog

The time came for me to move my blog away from WordPress. It served me well for many years, but the constant battle against vulnerabilities and hacks became too much. I just wanted to keep my blog going and not become a PHP security expert.  At this point, WordPress would be better off selling themselves as some sort of cyberpunk augmented reality game where you have to fend off hackers who want to sell ED medications.

RamblingsRyan Lane
Making GIFs

This was assembled from a series of photos I took with Google's new Photos service. Which I must say I'm really enjoying. It makes these little animations of any collection of photos of the same subject automatically.

Between You and I Podcast

I forgot to post on here that I've been helping with a new podcast. We have three episodes live so far and many more in the works. It's not about UX, technology, or flying, it's just people talking to people. Because everyone has a story to tell. If you're one of those iOS device using people like so many of us you can subscribe via the Podcast app. or you can listen on the website http://www.betweenpodcast.com/. And like always, I'm open to hearing your feedback.

RamblingsRyan Lane
Video from JJRC H12C
It was a little windy which is why it's tipped against the wind most of the time it's up there. The camera doesn't have anything to help with vibrations so that's why there's some jello motion. Overall though it's a nice little flying multirotor with camera.